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  • We’re continually taking on new associates, whether you’re a current student, a recent graduate, or simply an IT enthusiast. We enjoy working with talented people and like to give them a unique opportunity to advance their careers. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or 40, we want you!

  • We provide our solutions and services to more than two hundred companies in banking, insurance, energy, manufacturing, trade, communication, and media in 25 countries around the world.

  • We have 15 development centres in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Netherlands, and Ukraine, meaning we’ll likely be able to find you work right near where you live. That, or give you the chance to work abroad.

  • We take care of our more than 1,100 associates, making sure to pay special attention to their needs, wishes, and suggestions. We never forget our policy: “Always work in such a way that the work doesn’t make you stupid.”

  • Our friendly corporate culture is integral to Unicorn. We like each other’s company both in the office and out. Whether it’s getting together for a beer after work, going to a game, or taking a trip to the mountains, we make sure we enjoy ourselves outside of work.

  • We give talented IT specialists a unique chance to develop their careers. At Unicorn everyone has the chance to work their way up to one of our many senior positions, both in the Czech Republic as well as abroad.

  • Each career path is linked to a programme of systematic education. The goal of our Top Gun Academy is to create an elite group of ICT experts under the guidance of leading specialists and members of Unicorn’s management.

  • At Unicorn you’ll be able to further your education and work on meaningful and rewarding projects both while developing your career and getting paid!

Real people


Igor Vida - CEO Raiffeisenbank

Jan Preclík – Production Manager





Miroslav Vrba - Vice-Chairman ČEPS

Alexander Wirth - Managing Director TSC

Biljana Weber - Country General Manager Microsoft

Real projects


Our Damas system ensures that transmission capacities are allocated and subsequent energy transmissions are nominated via the BritNed submarine cable, which is responsible for transmitting electric power between the British isles and the continent. We have integrated the solutions of transmission grid operators in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom and provide operation and support on a 24/7 basis.

ICT environment: Damas, Remote Control Interface


Plus4U is our own digital world. It’s an online service used to provide solutions created on the Unicorn Universe platform. It offers tools for companies, organisations, and individuals – from administrating various activities to sharing information to securely storing data and making it easily available online.

ICT environment: Java, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML5, MongoDB


The Tank Navigator mobile app helps drivers find petrol stations in the Czech Republic and Slovakia that accept CCS cards. The app quickly provides drivers with detailed information on nearby petrol stations as well as ones hundreds of kilometres away. The app also includes GPS navigation and filters stations according to type of fuel, gearbox, equipment, or make of vehicle.

ICT environment: iOS, Android


We created a system for analysing grids with very high voltage for 13 electrical grid operators covering 200 million people across Europe. The system is able to calculate the current status of the pan-European network in a mere 50 milliseconds and also includes security simulations, which comprise up to 200,000 model situations.

ICT environment: Java, C (RIS), MySQL


This mobile app – administered via a portal in the Plus4U service – makes for easy navigation around Vodafone’s new head office in Prague. It lets users find, for example, a conference room
or the closest elevator, and shows the floor layout and building surroundings. The app also shares company news with users.

ICT environment: Unicorn Universe, Android


For Allianz we developed the CHEX information system in order to settle insurance claims, thereby streamlining and automating the process of settling claims arising from non-life insurance products. We developed the system based on innovative BPM technologies and Allianz’s own process-related best practices.

ICT environment: IBM BPM, Oracle DB


EMFIP is an information system that gathers and publishes information about the electric power industry at the pan-European level. The data is sent by various providers through diverse integration protocols (MADES, Web services, FTPS) with immediate verification of the data’s completeness and correctness.

ICT environment: Java MySQL, Unicorn Open Platform, MongoDB


For Mitas, Unicorn created a new B2B e-shop. Thanks to the hybris B2B accelerator, Mitas has a solution that’s easy to administer and covers all of 13 regions in Europe, America and Asia in which it operates. The new B2B e-shop is closely integrated with SAP, allowing for efficient administration of all language versions and providing a mobile application for clients.

ICT environment: Hybris (Java, Spring), SAP, Oracle DB

Tatra banka

The GATE information system we developed for Tatra banka integrated client data from 16 back-end banking systems to ensure that all data is consolidated and consistently managed. For most Tatra banka employees who work with clients, this is the entry point to information on clients and their own products stored in the back-end systems. Around 2,500 employees actively use this system on a daily basis.

ICT environment: J2EE, Oracle ALBPM, Websphere, Hibernate


Our WPC solution is primarily intended for central purchasing, but also has uses for the finance department and HR. The solution ensures complete administration of suppliers, job management, order management, and tracking, and allows the HR Department to manage the start and termination of employments, as well as manage and track employment contracts.

ICT environment: BPM Pega, PegaRULE Process Commander, Windows/Linux, Oracle

Škoda auto

We successfully implemented the ŠKODA E-shop, which was created to sell original accessories. We implemented the complete web interface, the product catalogue, and the integration logics.

ICT environment: SAP, IBM WebSphere Commerce Server

Česká spořitelna

CMS is an information system used to support the processes for collateralising loans. The main benefit is its full integration, not only with relevant banking systems, but also with public administration systems, particularly the Cadastre of Real Estate. This allows all significant streamlining of processes, reduces error rates, and improves the quality of data.

ICT environment: ApPello, Enterprise Architect, JavaEE, Oracle 11g

Who are we looking for?


  • Tester Trainee
  • Tester
  • Test Analyst
  • Test Architect
  • Test Manager


  • Team Leader
  • Senior Consultant
  • Project Manager
  • Division Manager
  • Account Manager


  • Analyst Trainee
  • Analyst
  • Business Architect


  • Developer Trainee
  • Developer
  • Configuration Manager
  • Database Specialist
  • Software Architect


  • Project Assistant
  • Executive Assistant
  • Production Coordinator
  • Marketing Coordinator
  • HR Specialist

Maintenance and Operation

  • Administrator
  • Helpdesk Operator
  • Service Officer

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